Surqle helps ambitious and driven young adults explore different career paths and advancement options. We offer networking opportunities with top-notch professionals from investment banking, large corporates, the startup world, and many others, as well as mentorship and other career services. Together, we form a circle that supports each other – the Circle of Success.

We will be launching in mid-2016.

If you have any questions in the meantime, you can reach us at

Life is an experience. We want everyone in Surqle to succeed in life and live it to its fullest…and most importantly have fun!

Landing a dream job takes a lot of planning. Many fresh graduates often tell us that they aren’t sure what they really want to do in life. Some of them plan to seek a post-graduate degree, but not sure when and which program would be good. Some of them have set their eyes on an industry but have limited resources and connections to get their foot in the door.

Surqle aims to provide the best resources and support throughout your search, from exploring your passions to better understanding the different paths to networking to your first internship and job.

We believe that the best way to seek answers and career tips is to talk to professionals who have gone through what you are facing. Their experience can help you avoid mistakes and their insights on how the industry is trending can help you decide what skills you may need to develop – whether through on-the-job-training or graduate school. These connections will go a long way as you progress through your career. Success is just a few more steps aways!