6 tips to kickstart your job search post-CNY

Happy Chinese New Year!

Wish everyone a happy, prosperous and successful year of Monkey! May the Monkey bring in bags of money for us all!

  1. Many openings should come up post CNY as people move after bonus and the holidays. It is time to reconnect with your headhunter and recruiter contacts to see what is out there in the market.
  2. Relationships are key. If there are specific industries or companies you are targeting, it is time to dig through your alumni database and ask your friends for referrals. Or more effectively, you should join our next Surqle event to build up your professional network!
  3. If you are looking to do internal transfer to a different department, participating in your company’s events and activities oftentimes can help you build up your network inside the organisation.
  4. Your clients can also be good contact points. It may be a more delicate situation, but sometimes professionals change their career paths and move to the other side of the table – working for their clients – after building mutual trust throughout the years.
  5. If you are looking to switch industries, taking a part-time course can be very helpful to show your interest in a field you would like to switch into.
  6. Otherwise, if you have solid financial support, taking time off for a full-time graduate program is a great way to switch fields. However, you need to carefully consider the opportunity cost in terms of money and career development you would have accumulated in your current field should you stay on. Speaking to professionals from your new field of interest is the best way to confirm your passion.
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